Frequently Asked Questions

This is probably the most common question we have had over from our customers. As we all known, web is the place where a lot of strange things happens. But our plugin cracks are 100% safe to use. We are the team of professionals in cracking plugins. We allways test our software before realising it to public. So you can use any of our plugins - it's either sapphire plugin crack, or bcc plugin crack or mocha pro plugin crack. All of them are safe to use in any OS.
At the moment we can not fully say a date when we will launch other borix fx cracks. It requires a lot of time and researches to make plugins cracks and we are allready working on it. But we want to be fair with our loyal customers and we can not tell exact date at the moment. Please stay with us and you will get news once we have done it !
Our sapphire plugin crack supports all of the same softwares as official sapphire plugin. You can use it over in these software : adobe after effects, adobe premiere pro, avid media composer, autodesk flame, black magic resolve, the foundry nuke & sony vegas pro. So as you can see, we provide fully working boris fx sapphire plugin plugin free of charge not only for after effects ( as most of our competitors do ) , but for absolutely all other softwares which are compatible with sapphire plugin.
Bcc plugin ( other known as boris fx continuum plugin ) is suitable to work with following softwares : adobe after effects, adobe premiere pro, avid media composer, blackmagic resolve, the foundry nuke & sony vegas pro. Download bcc plugin crack today and use it free on any of compatible softwares.
All of our realesed plugins will work with same softwares as official products. Mocha pro plugin - it's compatible with adobe after effects, adobe premiere pro & many more other softwares.
As we have stated before, our plugins crack works on all supported software as paid plugins.
We only provide full version of plugins. It does not matter which product you will choose from our list - all plugins will be free & will be full products. Now for the second part of question - yes, you can download all of our available plugins and use them on any compatible software. There is no limitions for choosing products. For now you can choose from sapphire plugin download, bcc plugin download & mocha pro plugin download. But in future - we promise we will fill our cracked plugins with more products. Stay tuned !
This can happen for multiple reasons. Most common reason - application needs to be run by administrator rules. If this does not help - try to update your .NET framework. in 99 cases of 100 , these 2 simple tips will help you to install plugins without any problems. If you still can not install plugins - please contact us and we will guide you furthermore.