Continuum Crack

Continuum plugins are a one-stop shop for your content creation needs. The post production industry’s most complete plugin package includes over 300+ effects, 40+ transitions, and 5000+ presets. The speedy and easy to use toolset is fully GPU-accelerated with Adobe Multi-Frame Rendering and native Apple M1 support.

Take the capabilities of any effect further with the implementation of Mocha masking in every one of Continuum’s effects. Import and export Mocha data from other hosts, easily set up offset tracking, and limit effects with complex masking driven by the award-winning art of planar tracking.


Continuum 2023

  • BCC+ Super LED Effect: Easily pixelate the look of shots, text, or particles.
  • Improved Mocha: Parameter and corner pin tracking now available in BCC+ Lens Flare, BCC+ Super LED, and BCC+ Light effects.
  • Particle Illusion: Adds masking, trails, gradient presets, 3D deflectors, force turbulence, and more.
  • Beat Reactor: Now included in 40 BCC+ effects. Make your effects dance to music.
  • Effects and Transitions: BCC+ Smoke and Fog, BCC+ Light Flicker, BCC+ Orbs, and BCC+ Flutter Cut.
  • More Presets: 150+ new professionally designed and curated presets.

1. Super LED Effect

Quickly recreate the look of LED screens and billboards by transforming your shots, text, and particles into a pattern of dazzling pixels. Includes 25 professionally designed presets.

2. Improved Mocha Parameter Tracking

Easily place must-have BCC+ effects including BCC+ Lens Flare, BCC+ Super LED, and BCC+ Light in any scene.

Simply click the button at the top of your desired BCC+ effect to access a point or corner pin tracker using the same Mocha tools you’ve come to know and love.

3. Particle Illusion Update

Particle Illusion adds even more creative features perfect for motion graphics workflows.

  • Emit particles from any text or mask-based source in your host.
  • Boost the creativity of your particle animations with particle trails.
  • Easily update particle colors with an enhanced gradient editor and presets.
  • Add organic motion using force object direction turbulence.
  • Create faster with dozens of usability improvements.

4. Beat Reactor Comes to BCC+ Effects

One of the features that sets Continuum apart is Beat Reactor which lets video editors drive effects (and stories) forward by animating effects to audio. It’s now included in 40 BCC+ effects.

  • Animate popular properties such as glow, flicker, opacity, and glitch values.

Choose your audio source, identify your preferred levels, and let Beat Reactor do the rest.

5. Silver Screen Style

Continuum adds three new creative options to the always-popular film style category, which features 20+ effects and hundreds of presets.

  • BCC+ Smoke and Fog: Add auto-animating sprite smoke presets to graphics and footage.
  • BCC+ Light Flicker: Apply precise or random photorealistic light flicker to any shot.
  • BCC+ Orbs: Add colored orbs that move randomly throughout shots.

6. A Cut Above

Building upon Continuum 2023’s new GPU-accelerated transitions, the mid-year release adds another slick transition with 13 included presets.

  • BCC+ Flutter Cut: Gain total control over the energetic transition’s look and feel with new properties.

7. 150+ More Presets

Continuum 2023.5 adds tons of professionally designed presets to help you quickly hone on the effects, looks, and transitions that your projects need.

Save time and work more creatively with new presets across Film Style, Stylize, and Transition effect categories.

8. New in 2023: Instant Radiance with Atmospheric Glow

Say hello to your new favorite glow effect. It harnesses the power of multiple light types into a single effect. Create a pristine glow and punch it up with automatic flicker, lens textures, and atmospheric effects like rays and smoke.

9. New in 2023: High-Octane Transitions

Transitions drive stories forward. Continuum 2023 has 10 new GPU-accelerated and preset driven transitions including the new Film Roll and Swish Warp. Easily work with on-screen controls to dial in the movement just the way you want it.

10. New in 2022: Major Speed Gains

Continuum 2022 is the fastest version of the award-winning plugin collection yet.

Get ready for dramatic speed gains inside After Effects with Adobe Multi-Frame Rendering support on over 350 effects, speedier workflows with native Apple M1 support, and overall performance boosts with the addition of more fully GPU-accelerated effects (BCC+). For a full list of MFR speed improvements, click here.

Create stunning particle animations in no time thanks to huge performance increases across all supported hosts.

11. New in 2022: Movie Looks & Gobos

The 2022 release adds 60+ film and TV-inspired color grades (BCC+ Film Stocks) to help you transform your footage into iconic and fan-favorite looks with just one click. Highlighted presets include The Wizard of Oz, E.T., The Grand Budapest Hotel, Euphoria, and Stranger Things.

BCC+ Light adds 50+ digital gobos presets to bring the overall number of gobos available to over 800 options. Easily test out different gobos in seconds without the added production costs.